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Who Will Watch The Dog While You're Away?

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If you need to take a business trip in the near future, and you are a dog owner, you will want to start making arrangements for the care of your friend while you are away. Pet boarding is an option that many people use when they are unable to bring their pet with them on a trip. Another option is to have a pet sitter come to your home. Both have benefits, so you will want to weigh them to see what would work best for your specific situation.

Pet Boarding Facilities

If you bring your dog to a pet boarding facility, he will be able to be monitored continuously 24 hours a day. This makes some pet owners feel very secure, since they know their dog will have someone available in case he needs something. A veterinarian is either on call or on the premises to handle medical emergencies.

Your pet will have the opportunity to be with other dogs, giving him a chance to have some socialization. This is a great feature for people who have dogs that need constant attention. The facility will have designated times where several dogs will be able to run around in a controlled environment. If you have a dog that does not care to socialize with other dogs, he can be given more attention by employees so he will not be lonely.

If your pet has any food restrictions, the boarding facility will be able to keep a close watch on the intake of the food you provide. They will also be there to administer any medication that your dog requires.

Boarding facilities often have a pet grooming station in the facility so dogs can have a bath, a nail-clipping or a teeth cleaning to keep them looking their best. There may also be dog obedience classes available to help train your dog.

Pet Sitting

If you opt to have a pet sitter come to your home, you may be given a summary of what they had done each time they came to take care of your dog. You will enjoy reading the list when you return, so you will have an idea what was happening while you were gone.

Hiring a pet sitter will also allow your pet to enjoy being in familiar surroundings. This is a good option for a dog that does not like other animals or that is shy around people. He will not be anxious about being put into a facility where there are loud noises and other animals around.

However, a pet sitter would not be able to be at your home continuously unless you pay for this service. Some pet sitters offer services where you can give the sitter a room to stay in while you are away, so this is an option to consider. If you are not keen about having a stranger in your home, however, you may want to look for a friend or family member to take care of your dog while you are aware. The downside is that your dog will not have someone there with it constantly, as it would in a boarding facility.