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What Should You Do After Your Pet Encounters A Skunk?

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Skunks are common in suburban areas and often aggressively confront domestic animals. Many pets are unable to see the warning signs that the skunk is going to spray them and will get doused in its offensive musk. The spray can cause temporary blindness and a burning sensation as well. Whenever a pet encounters a skunk, the owner will want to immediately take action in removing the stench. There are hundreds of home skunk treatment ideas found online, but the best solution is to go to a professional pet grooming service. The composition of many home remedies tends to be chemically ineffective. The grooming business, however, will be able to handle every aspect of the skunk encounter cleanly and with minimal stress.

It is important to note that owners should not over-wash their pets after encountering a skunk. Even though it seems like the wisest option to bathe the pet until the smell is removed, it does not work. This actually dries out the pet's fur and prevents it from making oils which hinders the removal of the skunk order. The pet will also be more vulnerable to skin infections.

How Groomers Can Help

Groomers will first choose the right shampoo to remove all scents from the hair of the pet. Unlike tomato juice, which is frequently recommended, groomers have proper shampoos that don't leave a sour scent. Plus, these shampoos have been tested and approved by the FDA. After that, they will apply an application of conditioner to the fur to make it silky and shiny. Then the professional will dry the pet with drying equipment specially made for pets. These dryers are quieter than normal ones in order to help pets relax and not feel scared from loud noises. Afterward, the groomer will comb the pet's fur to get out any tangles. Many pets enjoy the sensation and attention of being pampered and groomed by the comb. Depending on the severity of the skunk scent, another shampoo treatment might be necessary.

Other Services Groomers Provide

The groomer will also be able to give other treatments and services for the pet. They can trim nails, give a fun hairstyle depending on the length of the fur, and smooth the pads on the bottom of the paws. The pet will leave the pet service completely refreshed and clean. It would not be obvious at all that the pet was sprayed by a skunk earlier. They will also look much more groomed and tidy.