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Boarding Your Pet: Why Pet Pick-Up Service Is Best

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When boarding your pet, you want to choose a service that will benefit you and your pet best. There are many types of pet boarding facilities out there that provide a variety of services, but one in particular may benefit you best: the ability to have pet pick-up service as part of your pet boarding experience.

What is pet pick-up service? Why does it matter? How will it benefit you? Here are some reasons why, when boarding your pet, pet pick-up service is best.

You can plan your boarding experience more easily

Pet pick-up service is the act of coming to your home or place of business — wherever your pet is located — and taking your pet to be boarded. A company sends a retrieval vehicle to where your pet is at a scheduled time, then safely takes your pet to the boarding facility.

If you have to board your pet as part of your vacation, business, or even family needs, you have lots of other planning to worry about. Having your pet be taken to a boarding facility by the company means your pet will be placed in an appropriate carrier and given a safe and temperature-controlled ride to the boarding place. All you have to do is schedule a pick-up time and the company does the rest.

You can make the boarding process easier on everyone

Taking your pet to the boarding facility can be hard on you and your family, and the energy you have about the experience can transfer to your pet and make them nervous. When you have your pet picked up by a pet pick-up service rather than taking your animal into the pet boarding facility yourself, you can help make the transition easier on everyone. This helps to put your pet at ease because the transition is less personal to everyone, and once your pet gets used to the pick-up services, the act can become part of their normal routine.

If your pet is anxious when they are boarded regardless of whether they are dropped off at the pet boarding facility or whether they are picked up by boarding specialists, then speak to your pet's vet to see if having your pet sedated prior to the experience is best. Your pet's veterinarian may prescribe your animal a medication that is used on animals who are anxious about certain events like thunderstorms, travel, and other anxiety-causing situations.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers pet pick-up services.