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Boarding Your Yorkie While Traveling? How To Groom Them When You Get Back

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Taking a trip often means finding someone to watch your Yorkie while you're gone. If you're considering a boarding facility, your pup will be happy and content while they patiently await your return. If your boarding facility does not do grooming, you may need to take them to the groomer when you pick them up. The more work the groomer has to do, the more expensive the visit costs. This guide explains how you can groom your Yorkie to prep them for the groomers, to save both time and money.

Step 1: Procure Your Supplies

Begin the process of grooming your Yorkie by collected these supplies:

  • puppy wipes
  • metal comb
  • mat removing comb
  • eye wipes
  • detangling spray

Step 2: Wipe Your Yorkie's Head

Hold your dog in a comfortable position on your lap or between your legs with their head facing you. Use one or two puppy wipes to rub down your Yorkie's head. They actually love this because the wipes are not too wet and they are cool to the touch.

Step 3: Wipe Your Yorkie's Eyes

Carefully wipe the area under and around your Yorkie's eyes. Use one wipe for each eye. Use more if there are more tear stains and eye gunk than usual.

Step 4: Comb Your Yorkie's Hair on the Head and Eyes

Hold your dog's head with one hand and comb the hair on its head and ears with the other. As much as dogs hate grooming, Yorkie's tend to enjoy the feel of the metal comb scratching their head, as long as you're gentle.

Carefully comb the area around and under the eyes, paying close attention to the corners near the nose. This is where eye gunk builds up. This gunk can create mats that make it hard for your pup to see where they are going.

Step 5: Detangle and Comb Your Yorkie's Body

Apply the detangling spray over the dog's body one section at a time. Comb the hair gently, beginning from the body and working your way out.

If you notice mats while you're combing, use the mat removal comb to gently remove them. If your Yorkie puts up a fight during this process, leave the mat for the groomer to remove or cut out.

Your dog may not need a groomer when you return because the boarding facility will have taken care of keeping them clean. However, this process can be a great bonding opportunity for you and your dog. If the boarding facility doesn't do grooming or doesn't have the time, then use these steps when you return from your travels. Ask the boarding professional if they take care of grooming while you're gone. (For more information, contact Abraxas Pet Resort)