Making Doggy Daycare Fun For Your Furry Pal

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4 Advantages Of Dog Boarding

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Whether you are going out of town for a couple days or a week, you want to make sure your dog is looked after properly. Instead of bothering your friends or family members to take care of your furry friend, consider a dog boarding service. At a professional dog boarding facility, your pooch will be taken care of by responsible and caring people. Here are four advantages of dog boarding you should consider. Read More»

How To Make Your Own Flea-Killing And Dry Skin Relief Dog Shampoo

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Keeping your dog clean with regular baths will help to keep your pet looking and feeling good. Sometimes, dogs may have fleas or develop dry skin. In these cases, you will have to be careful about the kind of shampoo you use on your dog. To ensure that your dog’s shampoo has the best and most-effective ingredients, you should consider making your dog’s shampoo yourself. Here are a few recipes you can try to create your own shampoos to fight fleas and alleviate dry skin. Read More»

A Dog's Vacation Packing List

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If you’re planning to vacation at a boarding kennel while your pet human is away, you may be a little anxious. Vacationing on your own can be stressful for a dog, especially the first few times, but there are steps you can take to make the transition as easy as possible. You should always tour the boarding kennel in advance, so you know it’ll be a good fit. Then, before you take a long summer vacation there, it’s a good idea to try the kennel out with a short weekend getaway. Read More»

Who Will Watch The Dog While You're Away?

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If you need to take a business trip in the near future, and you are a dog owner, you will want to start making arrangements for the care of your friend while you are away. Pet boarding is an option that many people use when they are unable to bring their pet with them on a trip. Another option is to have a pet sitter come to your home. Both have benefits, so you will want to weigh them to see what would work best for your specific situation. Read More»

Boarding Your Yorkie While Traveling? How To Groom Them When You Get Back

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Taking a trip often means finding someone to watch your Yorkie while you’re gone. If you’re considering a boarding facility, your pup will be happy and content while they patiently await your return. If your boarding facility does not do grooming, you may need to take them to the groomer when you pick them up. The more work the groomer has to do, the more expensive the visit costs. This guide explains how you can groom your Yorkie to prep them for the groomers, to save both time and money. Read More»