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Worried About Your Cat Scratching Employees While Pet Boarding? 3 Tips To Calm Them

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Dogs typically have no issues going somewhere else to stay for a day or two, but cats are a different story. Felines do not like change, so it makes perfect sense why they would dislike leaving their comfort zone. However, you may have no other choice but to put your cat into a boarding facility for several days. If they have a habit of scratching when they get stressed, you need to keep this from being a problem. It is important to start trying out a few methods as soon as you can to maximize the chance of success.

Put Caps on Their Nails

The idea of putting something on your cats to cover their nails may seem strange at first, but it is one way that you can prevent their scratching from causing harm to you or any boarding facility employees. If you have another person to help you out, putting them on should be rather easy. After they are applied, you can expect them to last around eight weeks, which means they will be just fine for boarding.

Use Cat Pheromones

Applying nail caps works to stop an injury from happening, but it will not reduce your cat's stress level. It is worth investing in something that can calm them down for the duration of their trip away. Cat pheromones are commonly used to reduce stress and anxiety in felines at home. So, if you have a few days before you must take them to a boarding facility, you should introduce a plug-in at home right away. The most important part is taking it with you to the boarding place to have it plugged in while you are gone.

Buy a Stress-Relief Coat

If you are not completely confident about cat pheromones and nail caps working on their own, you may also want to go shopping for a stress-relief coat that they can wear throughout their stay. It is best to make this purchase early on and get them used to wearing it around the house. This can greatly reduce their stress leading up to the boarding stay, especially if it involves a lot of shuffling around the house. Since your cat will be most comfortable with you putting it on, you should put it on beforehand.

Keeping your cat happy and stress-free is what every good cat owner wants to do. By using all of these methods, you will be able to provide your cat with boarding that is as easy-going as possible. Contact a company like The Pets Place Animal Hospital for more information.