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Advantages Of Using A Professional Dog Boarding Facility When You Go Out Of Town

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If you are planning to go on vacation or visit relatives out of town, you may be wondering how your dog should be cared for in your absence. Many pet owners ask a neighbor to walk and feed their dog while they are away, but this is often not the best option. Here are a few of the benefits of having a professional dog boarding facility care for your pet:

Separation Anxiety

If you spend time with your dog regularly, the stress of your absence can cause the animal to experience separation anxiety. The anxiety may be evidenced by destructive behavior, such as incessant barking and crying, chewing through furniture, or urinating and defecating on the floor. 

Although a neighbor may come by on occasion to walk and feed your pet, this level of interaction may not be enough to eliminate the dog's anxiety. Professional dog  boarders often provide multiple opportunities for your pet to get exercise throughout the day. In addition, the workers help comfort your animal by speaking to it kindly and interacting with it in a loving manner. If your dog is well socialized, it may even be able to play with other dogs during its stay. 

The more that your dog stays engaged with activities, the less likely it is to be worried about your absence.

Medical Conditions

If your animal has a medical condition, it should be cared for by trained professionals who have some level of medical training. Dog boarders are often trained to perform CPR for a dog and to identify symptoms of a medical emergency. 

If your dog is regularly receiving medication for its condition, the staff can administer the medicine on the usual schedule and monitor your dog for any problems. If an issue does arise, the animal can be taken to a predetermined veterinary facility, and you can be notified immediately of your dog's condition.

Dietary Constraints

Friends and neighbors may be apt to give in to your pet's requests for different foods in your absence. This may not seem like a big deal, but if your dog is on a medically prescribed diet, it can cause problems. Also, if the dog is accustomed to its dog food and human food is regularly offered, the pet may find it difficult to transition back to its normal diet once you return. 

A dog boarder will adhere to the dietary guidelines that you present at the time of the pets registration. 

To learn more about dog boarding and its advantages, contact a boarding facility in your area.