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Why Pet Groomers Are An Important Part Of Pet Ownership

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Have you recently adopted a cat or a dog? Are you wondering why anyone would be "crazy enough" to spend money taking their pet to a groomer when you can just do everything yourself? While it's true that you can perform many grooming activities yourself, sometimes it's just a good idea to pay someone else to groom your cat or dog. Although you may still opt to do at least some of the grooming in your own home, here are some of the best reasons for using a groomer:


Although plenty of dogs are okay with and even enjoy baths, many of them will fight to get away when bath time comes. Cats don't usually need baths, but most of them will strenuously object if you do need to bathe them for whatever reason. Unfortunately, a home bathroom isn't set up to handle pets who are reluctant to partake in a bath. Even with lots of preparation, a struggling pet can wind up hurting you or even themselves by accident. But pet groomers have specialized equipment for getting your furry friend clean. He or she may still hate the experience, but everyone involved will be safer due to the experience of the groomers.

Nail trimming

Unless your pet has white nails that you can partially see through, it can be very difficult to tell when you're trimming them correctly. For best results, you should be doing small trims every week, but even that could result in you trimming too much or too little. Too little and your pet will be walking uncomfortably. Too much and you can cause pain and bleeding when you cut into the live part of the nail. Pet groomers have been trained in nail trimming and know how to cut the nails so that these possibilities are avoided.

Gland expression

If you have a cat, this isn't something that you have to worry about. Dogs, however, have a pair of scent glands, one on each side of their anus. In most cases, your dog's feces will press on these glands, causing to empty, whenever he or she defecates. But if the openings are small or otherwise become clogged, these glands will become swollen and painful for your dog. You could take your dog to the vet to have these glands emptied, but taking your dog to the groomer may be more convenient and most of them offer this service for an additional fee.

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